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No.1 Modelling Mask from Thailand has arrived in UAE & BAHRAIN

LILLE Peel Off Modelling Mask

The Mask preferred by professional estheticians

LILLE Peel Off Modelling Mask is the origin of beauty face that increases your charm and beauty with meticulously selected natural extracts and manufactured by France technology. With innovations that use natural glucose as a substrate for gentle facial skin care, the mask provides soft care with satiny and delicate touch for all skin types.

When applying the mask on your face, it creates a seal between your skin and the mask. It helps eliminating impurities, recharging the skin with minerals, vitamins and trace elements with the perfect combination of brown algae extracts, fruits and plants, and provides suppleness and comfort to the skin.

A beauty secret from France for skin rejuvenation and condition to be healthier, more supple with higher skin elasticity.

“Another essential facial beauty treatment step for perfect nourishment for your skin”

What is “Modelling Mask” ?

Modelling masks are masks that you freshly mix, apply on your face. Leave it for a while and it will creates a seal between your skin and mask. You can peel off the mask in one sheet. This type of mask is popularly and commonly used amongst leading spas and beauty salon.

“Secret of beauty skin from France delivered directly to your home”

How to Use

  1. Pour the mask powder and mineral water into the lid.
  2. Use the spatula to stir vigorously and quickly until they are well mixed and become a creamy paste.(avoiding inhalation of mask powder)
  3. Immediately use the spatula to apply the mask paste all over your face within 1-2 minutes and leave for 15 minutes. The mask paste will turn into a soft thick rubber sheet.
  4. Peel off the mask, wash off with water and feel the difference.

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